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If you use the Divi theme created by Elegant Themes, you may have wished that you could use the page builder for posts. Or maybe for a custom content type. This plugin will allow you to do that.

What this plugin includes

  • The ability to use the Divi Page builder for any content type (such as “Post” or any custom content type).
  • The ability to easily turn the page builder on or off for each individual content type using the new ‘Divi Builder’ settings page.

Are there other ways of doing this?

There are other ways. Previously, if you wanted this setting you had to apply a patch to your Divi code. That works great, except that if you were to update Divi you’d have to apply the patch all over again! In addition, you wouldn’t have the benefit of easily customizing display of the page builder for each individual post type. This plugin makes it easy.

Go ahead, give it a try!

Download the Plugin

Or visit the plugin page on GitHub.

A way that you can say thanks if my plugin helped you… 🙂

I hope that you found this plugin useful! I know that it’s been very useful for me, as it provides a simple way to add a feature that we all wish was part of Divi to begin with.

If you did find it useful, and you’d like to give back, please give my recently released plugin, WP Social Media Slider Lite, a try. If you like it, please rate it! Ratings are one of the best ways to get the word out. 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why don’t my full-width sections work on my posts?

Posts use a different template file than pages. Pages use page.php, posts (and custom content types) use single.php. The reason that full-width sections don’t work on your posts is basically due to the different code found in single.php. The quick and easy (and dirty) solution is to just copy and paste the code from page.php into single.php. I’m not recommending this solution, I’m just too lazy to research a more elegant solution for you at the moment =).