Laterna Studio offers a variety of multimedia and design services. Questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

Hi, my name is Pete Molinero.

I've been operating Laterna Studio since 2012, and have worked on a variety of projects ranging from full-stack web development, to character animation, to 3D modeling, to virtual reality experiments. I also develop and maintain both free and premium WordPress plugins. Here's a breakdown of my experience.

Web Design and Development

I regularly work with PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. I've created many e-commerce websites, web apps, custom SaaS web platforms, and marketing pages. Laravel is my tool of choice, but WordPress + WooCommerce is my go-to for e-commerce solutions. I've also created custom WordPress themes and plugins—both free and premium—which you can browse in my plugin store. Lately, I've been exploring virtual reality running on WebGL and WebVR.

3D Modeling and Animation

My bachelor's degree targeted 3D production, so it's no surprise that 3D is a big passion of mine. Within 3D, I'm a bit of a generalist. Modeling is my main focus, and I've modeled for video games, marketing videos, mobile apps, 3D printing, and short films. I've also done projects involving texturing, character animation, rigging, and dynamic simulation. Given my love for coding, I enjoy writing Python scripts to perform or simplify 3D tasks when needed.